This is the beginning of my Hitler portrait. I start by getting the proportions right. This is one of the most important steps in portrait drawing.

Here I start adding more contrast. I get darker colors by using softer pencils. I layer the color instead of drawing too hard.

These pencils are high quality and works for many types of drawing. My most used pencil is the HB. This is the most basic pencil in here and it works good for most things. Though when I started to add shadowing I went more over to 6B.

Here we see that I added the darkest colors too early and that made it more difficult to blend it with the softer lighter shadows.

When the portrait was done I was very satisfied with the realism. In my opinion it is not hard spotting the person who is drawn. I’ll have to choose this as my best drawn portrait til now. You might find the choice of person to draw very odd, but it was all part of a school project so don’t worry ;P


  1. Muntazir says:

    Amazing. You are so talented.

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      1. Muntazir says:

        My pleasure

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  2. You’ve shown some remarkable features of Hitler here. Cheers!

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  3. That’s brilliant

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  4. premsank says:

    This is awesome. You did a very good job!

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    1. Aww Thank you so much:D

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  5. 3bones says:

    The realism in this piece is haunting … great work …

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  6. hailey762 says:

    you drew him realy good but you can see the evil in his eyes lol

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  7. Amazing! Keep up the good work 😍😍

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  8. Queen Lucky says:

    you are a,gazing at the art. WOW!!! πŸ™‚ Impressed

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