A Cat


  1. PatsyArts says:

    Oh wow! I love how messy and splattery it looks. Very nice style πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you😁

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  2. bluebrightly says:

    I scrolled down and chose this as my favorite, where I’d put my comment – thanks so much for the follow, and keep up with the drawing! The lines on this are very nice, the colors are attractive, and the graphic quality of the paint spatter is great. It’s very lively and expressive.

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    1. Thank you so much😁

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  3. The cat is awesome. What kind of ink pen do you use?

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    1. Thank you so much. I usually use UCHIDA YOKO CO.,LTD.

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      1. I don’t know that one. The one I like best is Artline Drawing System, usually 0.3 or 0.5, and I sometimes add some liquid ink with a thin brush to make the lines more living πŸ˜‰

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      2. That one will bleed on a wet surface, too, though…

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  4. Renee Brown says:

    I like the freedom in the splatter!

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