Tyler Joseph

Tyler Joseph is such a big rolemodel to me. If you’re not familiar with him, he’s from the band Twenty One Pilots. He writes the most beautiful songs with really deep meanings. I think he’s so incredibly talented, and I’ve gotten so much inspiration from him. My favorite songs right now is “Ode to sleep” and “Slowtown”. These are really old songs, and there last album came out 3 years ago. There were a lot of rumours that there was going to come out a new album yesterday Friday the 13th, but sadly the rumours weren’t true. This weekend there are the Firefly festival, so there’s still some rumours that they might show up.😌 I’m really looking forward to some new songs, and I hope I don’t have to wait to long.


South Park

This is one of the funniest shows I’ve ever watched. I’ve loved the show for years and watched all 21 seasons. On my blog I’ve posted drawings of other shows that i love, but South Park has to be my favorite one. I have drawn other drawings of South Park character’s like Kenny/Mysterion, and they’re my favorite part of the show. I know that in one of the earlier season’s they were planning on removing Kenny. Im so glad they didn’t.😁

Here I’ve painted the main characters with watercolor, and I’ve inked with 0.05 fineliner. I use a Japanese brand called “UCHIDA YOKO CO.,LTD”. I really enjoy this brand cause it’s acid free, non-toxic. Lightfast, waterproof and photo safe. For other areas I’ve used a 0.5 fineliner that is fade proof. This pen isn’t as good as the thinner one, but it’s much cheaper. Most of the writing on the pen has faded(it’s supposed to be fade proof haha.) so I dont know the brand.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has to be one of my favorite Tv shows ever. I love both the game and the show, and something both have in common is a white house. They have really different stories with different characters, but both have had something to do with a white house.

Lately I have been looking around online after inspiration. I found a watercolor painting of a white house, and thought it looked really cool so I decided to remake it. This is how it turned out, I was really happy about the results.🏡


I tried playing some war game, and I really though the characters looked cool running around with all types of weapons. This guy was’nt a character in the game, just a reference I found online. The reference looks to be from some cold country because hi is wearing so much and thick clothing. Lately ive really enjoyed just drawing with pencils (also because I can’t find my pen😀.)


I just finished the Netflix show DareDevil, and I loved it so much :-). If you are familiar with the show you would know that Matt`s father was a boxer, that`s the main reason why I decided to draw this. I think I want to start drawing more people, maybe some more DareDevil characters. If you look at the drawings face you would see that his pretty beaten up. I think it was really fun to draw this because I havent really drawn realistic people that much, just manga and anime. Please recommend me some more shows to watch:-).

Drawing a Manga boy

I have not been posting so much lately, but want to get back into it. Lately I have been very obsessed with Anime/Manga. I also wanted to test out my inking skill to maybe some day make some pieces thats a little bigger. You can find the speed drawing on my YouTube CHANNEL ->  https://youtu.be/qPtVwzRnI4E

Kenny… Again

I went to a trip to Germany where I came across some new watercolors. I was planning to just do some swatches on a piece of lined paper, but I kept on painting and again… it turned out to be Kenny.  To see drawings that is similar to this on check out my YouTube channel